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Making film and culture, society and its conflicts optimistically viewable, connecting music and sound not artificially but in relation to the rhythm of the pictures and bodys to show a discreet message for all of us, and ironically but friendly holding a mirror up to the governing – only one film includes all that (…) – in my opinion the very best short film I saw: Kicking for a Better Future.
Prof. Dr. Frank Stern, University of Vienna

They fight against poverty, drugs, and AIDS. They are committed against child labour and alcohol abuse. And they are very adept with the ball: in July 2006, players from 22 social football projects meet in Berlin to play out the first street football world champion.

The young kickers from five continents play in a football arena on the Mariannenplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg - in the middle of one of the social hotspots of the city. But they play not only football. They also take the opportunity to promote their projects like Eliana from Paraguay, who engages herself in Asunción in the education centre CDI.

Thousands of fans come to Kreuzberg and experience street football and intercultural cooperation first-hand. And finally there is also a winner. In a thrilling final the team from Kenya wins over South Africa with 4:3 after penalty shootout and becomes the first street football champion.

Holger Rada and his team accompanied the players; they interviewed FIFA officials and project coordinators, but also talked to local residents and supporters. They documented conflicts as for example the visa rejections for the teams from Nigeria and Ghana, and they caught the special atmosphere around the Mariannenplatz during the event. Out of this has come a documentary, which lights up the boundaries between sport and social engagement, between tournament and intercultural learning.

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